A few months ago I had the privilege of teaching an improvisational comedy workshop about building relationships on stage. While the workshop could be considered a success, once it was over my co-instructor said of the participants,

Here’s one of my favourite things about our brains: if you present two people with the same stimulus, they will have different responses.

We’ve had different experiences, so the memory that the word ‘apple’ elicits for you might elicit something very different in me.

Have you ever seen an improv…

Photo by Ben Berwers on Unsplash

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, in the beginning, I was born. I came out of my mother onto a sweaty, shitty bed. I was blue and grey and very, very long. I was a disgusting sight to behold. I recoloured in time and I enjoyed my childhood.

I became a salesman…

Some have defined happiness as that which causes a rise in the sensation of power. Power in this sense is energy, the ability to do, to take action. Some have said that the opposite of depression is not happiness, but energy. Energy, or power. If you are capable of acting…

Matt Young

Matt Young is a writer and performer based in Melbourne, Australia.

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